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Next D2H3 Run May 4th     



Shanghai drunken Dragon H3 May 4th

May the fourth be with you
Meet at 1pm pack off at 1.30pm on ummm Saturday May 4th.

Darth Banus brings you a shiggy trail where you can find your force!

Directions and to the start
The reatuarant is 2.5km away from the closest metro station so here are some options to get there:
1. Take the metro to line 17 Zhuguang road station and walk. If taking this option allow 30 or so minutes to walk to A. It’s quite a nice route in itself. Possible rental bikes along the way if you’d like to move a bit faster. Could well be marked if hare gets around to it and there is demand for it.
2. Take the metro to the end of line 2, East Xujing road if you don’t want to change lines to line 17 but this is a little further from A so allow more time to get to A.
2. Take the metro to songhong road on line 2 and didi direct to A
3. Didi direct to A

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