What is the 7 Eleven Hash

The 7-ELEVEn H3 holds 2 runs a year - both on 7/11 (November 7th and July 11th). Founded on November 7th, 2020 by Gobblin' King, Kiddie Poo, and Stillett-Hoe as part of the Beijing Hash House Harriers. It became an independent kennel in 2022 and is now open to be held by any other kennel globally. The idea is to create a traditional hash that is held SIMULTANEOUSLY around the world - and is particularly entertaining and ridiculous. This group is meant for sharing photos and events of 7/11 hashes and overall shenanigans at 7/11s.

The 7-ELEVEn H3 is not bound to any particular city but its hometown is Beijing. On run #4, our first expansion beyond Beijing saw Dongguan Full Moon Hash and the Guangzhou H3 join us in July 2022.

The next expansion of the 7-ELEVEn H3 came in November 2022 saw us become an international kennel - as the 7-ELEVEn H3 came to Saigon, Vietnam and expanded to Shanghai.

Run #6 was one for the ages - as the 7-Eleven H3 expanded farther than ever - NINE kennels in five countries and 2 continents hosted events. Huahin and Pattaya hosted the first expansion to Thailand. Seoul brought it to Korea and had the first harriette to win the wisest wizard award. Beesteality B4 Boys brought the 7-eleven hash to America in Boston. Dongguan, Guangzhou, Beijing, Saigon, and Shanghai had repeat events... it was a truly monumental growth of the kennel and Pukelid's Taxivomitry WON the first-ever global wisest wizard award with the prize of a hangover.